So-Called High Dog Food Ratings

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in the top rated dry dog food that your family pet eats? Most people see the pictures on the front of the top rated dry food bags showing choice meat cuts and fresh, whole grains, and just assume that their family dog is eating just as well as the family. However, once you understand what is actually put into the top rated dry dog food, and how it is manufactured, you may think twice about feeding these foods to your furry friend. In fact, you may actually wonder how dry dog food gets the high dog food ratings it seems to receive.

The harsh reality is that the industry responsible for manufacturing dry dog food is simply an extension of our own food and agricultural industries. The ability to create top rated dry dog food out of the waste and by-products that are not fit for human consumption has created a multi-million dollar pet food industry. Grains that are not fit for humans to eat, as well as animal parts that may be considered cancerous are just a few of the items that can be used in the manufacture of pet food products. russian food store

Some companies with high food ratings are created by a machine that is used to blend these materials in accordance with a recipe that was made by a computer. The computer tells the machines how much of each ingredient to add. The mixture will then be heated, created into a dough, and finally chopped into the bite-sized pieces we are all familiar with. As the dough cools, it puffs out into the final shape that we know so well. As it dries, it is sprayed with fatty compounds that are suppose to make it more appealing.

After the pieces have been cooled, they are then placed in bags. The cooking process that the food undergoes is said to eliminate bacteria. However, during the cooling and spraying portion of the process, it can pick up some forms of bacteria that if the food becomes wet again, will continue to grow. This leads experts to say that you should not add water or any other form of wetness to your dog’s dry food. This included adding canned food to the mix.

The high rating canine food brands associated with dry food, like the super-premium, organic, and natural varieties don’t use byproducts. Their labeling list meats for example turkey or even lamb as their first elements. However, these meats continue to be mainly scraps.

Regarding poultry, bone fragments are permitted. The “chicken” mentioned in certain food labels are in fact backs as well as frames, backbone and ribs, without their costly breast meat. Many of those meat products aren’t even utilized fresh, they’re rendered.

Rendering is really a process which involves extracting essential oil from body fat, blubber, and so on by burning it. Quite simply, the recyclables are put into big vats and boiled for many hours. The actual rendering sets apart the body fat, removes drinking water, and eliminates bacteria, infections, parasites, along with other organisms. But these types of high temperatures may also alter or even destroy organic enzymes as well as proteins present in the uncooked ingredients.