How to Date Women Successfully and Have Her Friends Chasing You

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind those dashing Casanovas? These are the types of men who can hold a woman’s attention because of an inexplicable charm. You look back at your own dating history and realize that perhaps you have missed on something that brings up the reason why you are still a zero in the dating arena. You end up with a single question in your mind: how to date women? Dating women can be quite simple if you only learn how to follow some basic tips. xxx

First, make an attempt to look your best. We all know that most men do not pay particular attention with the way they look. Men are pretty much simple when it comes to their wardrobes. Some would be comfortable enough with a clean white shirt, jeans, and sneakers during a lazy Saturday afternoon, while some prefer a crisp white polo shirt, a matching necktie, slacks and suit on the busy weekdays. However, you need to have an extra push when it comes to your date with a woman. Of course, it’s a must for you to look clean and neat. Good grooming is very essential for a woman. Don’t expect that you will end up in another date if you show up with a lousy shirt and torn pants on your first date. You do not have to be a complete debonair, but you have to present yourself with class.

Second, strike up humorous and witty conversation. Women are usually impressed with men who can crack up a joke, and they get even more impressed with men who are quite knowledgeable about anything under the sun. Learn how to find something humorous with the day-to-day experiences that you’ve had, like the way you enjoy a good movie after a tiring day, or how you and your friends got into a humorous predicament on the way to work. In order to answer the question how to date women, you should appear to be the man whom she can talk about anything.

Third, learn how to complement the way your date looks. Surely enough, women would put extra attention on their outfit for that date, and you should be smart enough to at least notice her effort to make herself more beautiful than ever. At the very first time that you will be able to see her during the date, tell her that she’s exceptionally prettier than before. However, do not appear as if you are just pulling her leg. Do not go overboard. Try to be sincere about your praises.