Extending The Life Of Batteries In Personal Air Coolers

Rechargeable personal air coolers can be a great thing to invest in. They can be carried on a key chain or be pocket or purse sized. If you only charge them when they need charging, you will extend the lifespan of the cooler. All rechargeable batteries have a maximum threshold for how many times they can be charged. Although this isn’t always a hard and fast number, the number of unnecessary charges that you perform can have an impact on the battery.

How to Effectively Charge your cooler mccoy air cooler

Always use suggestions by the manufacturer and use batteries suggested. Some models can use rechargeable batteries that are inserted by you and others can be plugged into a charging device or even the USB port of your computer. Waiting to charge your device when the power is low and only for the specified time in your manufacturer’s suggestions is the best approach for maximum battery life. Some units are designed to even cool the battery while the unit is charging as well.

Some high end portable coolers have technology that was invented to help cool the batteries during the charging process which helped result in faster charging and longer battery life. Li powered air coolers last longer, charge faster and are more technologically advanced. The time it takes to recharge is drastically reduced with this technology. An extra fan and ducts charges these batteries thirty percent faster and it also allows the battery life to be extended. These high end systems also have a function to keep the battery cells equally charged.

Why use a personal air cooler?

A personal air cooler that’s portable and battery operated can be great while on the go, at work or just when you need to help cool off. In sweltering heat, it can take no time for you to feel sick and weak. Carrying a small key chain device or purse sized battery operated cooling device can be a great way to naturally cool down. Some devices move air around you to create a bit of fresh breeze while others have misters inside them and can spray a moderate and cool mist. These devices are available in many options and designs and even in novelty items. The fact that they are rechargeable makes these portable devices a great investment. They are great for a quick cool down and can save you on your energy bill as well.